Fethiye Yacht Charter

Known as Telmessos in ancient times, Fethiye, which means the country of lights and famous for its prophets, is the most important city of Lycia, one of the Anatolian Civilizations, on the west border with Caria. Fethiye; It stretches along the beach in a semicircle, sheltered by 12 Islands. Fethiye Boat Rental One of the most ideal options for those who want to spend the summer holiday in the clear waters of the sea is to rent a boat. Fethiye is one of the most beautiful stops for boat rental, which includes Aegean and Mediterranean coves and Greek Islands. Fethiye, which is the natural port city of the Western Mediterranean, is one of the most ideal places for yacht rentals and boat trips. It is a very popular holiday center with its magnificent natural beauty and ancient Lycian cities. Oludeniz decorates Fethiye with its most beautiful beach. Fethiye, which you can choose as the most popular place to start your MaviYolculuk trip, offers you the opportunity to make a holiday that touches your dreams with its turquoise sea.

We invite you to have a great day in one of our wooden gulets. Enjoy a special day with your friends or family by renting one of our boats. If you wish, you can rent a captain and become your own captain. Our captain will take you to the most beautiful and secret spots of Fethiye and Ölüdeniz and take you around the islands. You can also choose the route yourself, anchor it wherever you want, or let the captain draw the entire route and spend a unique day. In different bays, you can snorkel the turquoise waters under the Mediterranean sun. Rental boats are furnished with every comfort for your comfort. It is prepared for you with its comfortable cabins, ideal decks for sunbathing and experienced crew. A calm sea voyage in Fethiye is waiting for you and your loved ones with a comfortable boat that you can rent with your friends or relatives or only with your family and loved ones.

Fethiye is one of the best options for those who want to spend your summer vacation at sea. Our company is one of the companies that provide boat rental services in Fethiye. Okeanos Yachting is the right address for Fethiye boat charter, Fethiye gulet boat rental, Fethiye catamaran rental, Fethiye luxury yacht rental. You can contact us for the cheapest boat rental prices. Okeanos Yachting, which also organizes blue tours and blue cruises in Fethiye, takes you to the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean by choosing the best routes. You can call us to take advantage of Fethiye blue cruise early reservations.

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