Yacht Charter

With the captain boat rental option, you can make a wonderful blue cruise in the Mediterranean or perform your different organizations on the boat. During the holiday, you can explore beautiful bays by taking advantage of your captain’s experience, as well as the route you set. In addition, if you do not have a maritime license, it is mandatory to rent the boat with a captain. In addition, it is always recommended to hire a captain for your boat holiday to be safe.

As in the world, private yacht or gulet charter in our country has increased its popularity in recent years and has taken its place in the domestic market as an alternative holiday product. Yacht rental; It comes in three different product groups with gulet, motoryacht and sailing yachts. It is undoubtedly the most preferred gulet among these product groups. The average sizes of these gulets, which we frequently encounter on the Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara shores, vary between 14 meters and 50 meters, and can accommodate from 2 to 30 people.

Charter Gulets: The most known and popular ones are the blue cruise gulets. It has a very comfortable design for eating and resting. It has a very wide and round stern area. While usually there are 2 sails, the ship’s sailing equipment may have one, two or three trinketa sails.

Nowadays, everyone knows what the blue tour is, with the sea holidays that have been very popular in recent years. Every year, millions of people come to Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Göcek to join blue tours and go on blue voyages from here. Surrounded by seas on three sides, the waist of our country is located in the most beautiful bays of Muğla. Despite many of our competitors, our company, which is still one of the most preferred blue tour companies, does its job well. Our company, which organizes blue tours and provides private yacht and boat rental services, is the best blue tour company in this field. Our company, which offers yacht charter and gulet boat rental service for every budget with its wide fleet, provides high quality service.

Yacht charter Göcek is the most preferred blue cruise starting point.

accommodation yacht rental is valid for long tours and is included in our food and beverage and accommodation prices.

Although yacht charter prices with accommodation vary according to the tour you choose, we have yacht charter services for every budget.

yacht charter we are the best yacht charter company for fethiye. You can call us for yacht rental.

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